"Madiba", Mandela

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It was about 10:30 yesterday evening when we knew that Nelson Mandela, “Madiba” as he liked to be called, had passed away.  If it is true that there exists a heaven Madiba is sure to be watching us from the up high, proud of himself and feeling sorry for the so much hard work still to be done.

I started writing these lines with great pain in my heart as mourning tribute to one of the true fighters for human rights throughout history, probably the last one; but I will not.  Why not? Because we must not feel sorrow for his death, but celebrate his life. Many in the new generation do not know what the words “apartheid”, “segregation” or “ghetto” mean; many of them have not even heard of them and the great pain and suffering for so many million people that they have caused, an this is undoubtedly thanks to Madiba’s endless struggle.

Maybe it is very easy to type now these lines from my warm comfortable western house in my western world so many kilometres away from the hot place, but we just need to do a simple exercise of memory: if we compare those images we were used to seeing not long ago of criminal behaviour towards the black people living in ghettos, smashed and killed with no mercy by their racist white government; black people who had not even the right to walk along the white side of the street, to enter an office, a cinema, a restaurant, or even a bus (“only for whites”) … to the images of the last football World-Cup where South-African national team was made up of both black and white players I can only say many many thanks for everything; your fight, your sorrows, your 27 years in prison have not been in vain.  Thank you for the hope that you brought to us.Thanks for your legacy. 

Good bye, Madiba.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

“It always seems impossible until its done”.

           Nelson Mandela 

I strongly recommend everyone to watch the film “INVICTUS” (en) to make an approach to this unrepeatable man.  INVICTUS (esp)



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