What games are your top 5?

What games are your top 5?
Hi, my name is Daniel, and I will be in charge of the Gaming section. This section will talk about games (obviously), consoles, games conferences, and so on.
The first thing I want to talk about is kind of a presentation: What games do you like more?
I’m going to write my top 5 games, and a short review of them. Why don’t you to do the same downside in the comments? :D.
This is my top 5:

1.- Minecraft
I don’t like this game because of the popularity it has achieved. Though, I am willing to include it in the first place because it changed my gamer life forever: it was the first “serious” game I played, and introduced me in the world of gaming.
P.S.: I don’t think this game needs a review :P.

                                                      2.- Assassin’s Creed Saga
AC is a Third Person game, which develops from a medieval to a 18thcentury atmosphere. It has a very impressive story, but not so much replayability. If you like history, stealth and action, you will definetly love this game.
This game did more or less the same to me that Minecraft : it was the first AAA I played in my life. Since then, I started playing big games, such as Skyrim, Mass Effect, etc.

3.- League of Legends
LoL is, as almost all of you may know, the nº1 played game in the world. In its genre, it is the best on the issue of strategy, but it is closely followed by Dota 2 in terms of action.
I set this game in the 3rdposition because it is for me like a complimet for all the other games, like a substitute of a sport to follow (that doesn’t mean i don’t doexercise!)
                                                      4.- Skyrim

This action RPG MedievalFP has a vast open world, in which you would even get lost if it wasn’t for the map provided. Has almost infinite missions to acomplish. If you get to finish them all, you can always mod it for MORE missions to do. Because of all the former reasons and one more: you can kill a Dragon face to face!; this is my 4th game.
5.- Europa Universalis Saga
These games are Grand Strategy games (Risk style) which are extremely complicated, but as addictive as difficult. If you like strategy games and because of any reason you don’t knew about it, go and try it know.

Honour mention: SimCity 4
I want to mention this game because it was the very first game i have ever played, and, as a child, I spent some afternoons playing it.

What are your Top 5 games? And what games changed your gamer life?


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