The Brand New: AC: Unity & Civilization: BE

Hi, Daniel here. Today I’d like to talk about a couple new titles that came out two weeks or so ago. Those games are: Civilization BE, and the must-mentionAssassin’s Creed: Unity. First of all, I’d like you to have clear these are not serious, or objective reviews either. I am just giving the pros and cons of the games and my opinion about them.
The first game I want to talk about is Civilization Beyond Earth. This game has been the one I most played since it came out.
As you may noticed in my last post about my Top 5 games, i like strategy games. I enjoyed a lot the Civilization saga, and when I first tried CivBE, I was not dissapointed. This game takes place in a sci-fi universe, where the humans are forced to leave the earth and colonize a new world. It has a very deep lore, and joins together a lot of different concepts of the sci-fi books and movies.
  • Very deep lore.
  • If you like sci-fi, it is a pro for you that the whole game is about science fiction.
  • Affinity system, which I am not going to go very deep into, but I liked a lot. (More information: ).
  • Strongly improved performance.
  • Better victory mechanics.
  • The gameplay feels just like Civilization V.
  • Yet again, if you DON’T like sci-fi, it is a con for you that the whole game is about science fiction.
  • No city states, as there were in CivV
  • Only 8 “factions”, or civilizations.
The next game I’m going to talk about is AC: Unity. This game has been very controversial, because of its many bugs and glitches and very poor optimization on release.
I’m going straight forward to the pros and cons, as I ocnsider them self-explanatory:
  • Gameplaey style very similar to AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations: hard puzzles, medicines (yay!), glyphs, etc.
  • Very interesting investigation missions.
  • Infinite bugs and glitches on release. Even if they fix them, it has been outrageous that they released such an unfinished game.
  • Poor optimization, even in consoles. In PC, two of the most powerful graphics cards available in parallel cannot handle it at maximum settings.

I hope you enjoyed the overviews of both games. Tell me what games you like more, down in the comments.


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