Granada is a province of Andalucia, where you can enjoy doing lots of things with a great climate at any time of the year. In this article you can find the different touristic landmarks of the city:



It is considered human heritage. Moreover, it is the most characteristic monument of the city as well as one of the most visited in Spain.

It is an Arabic and spectacular building. The set is a remarkable construction: no facade, no center, no a particular axis. Buildings, towers, palaces, courtyards and gardens are happening naturally.

You can watch a video in the following link:    

-From the street we can appreciate the door of these wonderful and well-conserved Arabic baths from the XIth century, the “bañuelo” has been also known as “Aammim Alyawza” (Baños del Nogal). It’s close to “La Alhambra”.-“El Bañuelo” from Granada is one of the few places which could survive after the destruction of the Catholic Monarchs because it had the same importance for Christians as brothels.

-In 1918 it was declared National Monument and it was restored by the architect Torres Balbás 
-Its ground is rectangular and it has concrete walls, and covering the different rooms there are brick baults with octagonal skylights by start shape to illuminate them. 

It is a mountain range located in the penibetic massif system and which reaches the provinces of Granada and Almeria. -Sierra Nevada is worldwide well-known due to the ski-resort it possesses. Moreover, you can enjoy the amazing views while you practice sports or enjoy the nature.
On the one hand, as for the ski-resort, ski is not the only sport you can practice. For instance, the most experienced skiers can go snowboarding, mountain bike and even paragliding over the mountains. 
On the other hand, you can enjoy the nature by going down through cliffs and rivers. That said, some people try to get to the highest peak in Spain, the “Mulhacén” (3482m), through a touristic route. Therefore, you would be able to make out the African continent and lots of endemic species.


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