Crypt of the NecroDancer / UnEpic

Hi, I’m Daniel, once again. This time, after rather a bit of time, i want to write about two games i have played lastly. One is Crypt of the NecroDancer, and the other, the Spanish gem UnEpic. Hope you enjoy!
Crypt of the NecroDancer
Have you ever played or heard about The Binding of Isaac? Well, if you have, this game is of that kind. If you haven’t, the main concept is that you play different games (or runs) in the same save. You unlock objects as you collect diamonds in those runs, and the objects you unlock can be bought for coins in the following runs. What makes this game special is that all the movements of yours and the enemies are marked by a rhythm of a background techno music. If you don’t pass the screen you are in before you that background song ends, you loose. It is a difficult concept to explain, but easy to understand. If you like music, rhythm and “run-based” games, try this one!
UnEpic is a old-school role-playing game in which you are a boy who plays role-play board games with their friends. In a game, you feel like going to the bathroom and when you enter there, you seem to be transported to what appears to be a medieval castle…
There are a lot of weapons, mechanics, spells, levels… and a lot of different enemies. If you like old-school role games, or just want a good dungeon to beat, this game is for you!.

Hope you enjoyed both reviews. I’m sorry I haven’t written so frequently lastly, but this might be the second last I write this course. Anyway, see you next time!.


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