Arduino and our High School

The students of 4th course of Technology have been playing around with Robotics using the Arduino board. First of all what is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source computer hardware and software company that provides several boards (as in the figure1), with different features. The key aspect of the boards is that they have digital and analog pines that we can use as inputs or outputs for reading and writing sensors, motors, LEDs . Arduino provides also an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming in a computer language. With the creativity of the students, the Arduino board, some sensors (like infrared and ultrasonic), some toy-motors and some electronics stuff you can create robots and automatic toys. Our projects have been 3 robots: A line follower, a robot that follows a black line, Laserbot a robot which starts moving when it receives the light of a laser and a robot that avoids obstacles using 2 sensors: an ultrasonic sensor for detecting objects and a nose with whiskers (made with the joystick of a videoconsole) (figures 2,3,4)

The Technology Department encourages the students of 3º course with enthusiasm in computers and technology to choose the subject of technology for 4º course because they would enjoy working with Arduino.




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