Title: Wonder
Spanish title: La lección de August
Author: R. J Palacio
Nº pages: 320/420
Editorial: Nube de tinta
Approximate price: 14,95€
Spanish SBN: 9788415594024
My name is August.
I won’t describe what I look like.
Whatever you’re thinking,
It’s probably worse.
“Has the power to move hearts and change minds” – Guardian
“It’s well writing, engaging, and so much fun to read that the pages almost turn themselves. More than that, Wonder touches the heart in the most life-affirming, unexpected way, delivering in August Pullman a character whom readers will remember forever. Do yourself a favour and read this book – your life will be better for it” – Nicholas Sparks
“A powerful read… Likely to become a huge hit with readers of all ages” – Stylist
August Pullman was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school until now. He started 5thgrade at Beecher Prep where nobody had ever seen anything similar to August’s face and this makes more difficult his adaptation.
In this book you can find how difficult the life is when you are a bit different from the rest of the people. You instantly love August, he is a really sweet and cute boy, he is normal but only a few people can see the real August under his face
I don’t want to say so much about this book because I think that its real secret is hidden under its reading and so discover the hard of the life and obviously, think about bullying in the schools. I believe that this story would be perfect for our classes.


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