Madrid is the capital city of Spain, and it’s located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula.
It’s a cosmopolitan city which combines the most modern buildings a huge cultural heritage, legated from years of thrilling history.

In Madrid you can find different kinds of entertainment: There are some museums such as Reina Sofia, Thyssen and the most important one, El Prado. You can also see some historical buildings such as “El Palacio Real”. If you go to Madrid a visit to the emblematic parks and squares such as the “Plaza Mayor” and “El Retiro” is a must.

La Puerta Del Sol is one of the most popular and busiest places in Madrid. This is the center of the radial network of Spanish roads, that is, it shows the km 0. Moreover, it contains the famous clock which marks the traditional eating of the twelve grapes in New Year.

El Oso y El Madroño”

It is the most famous symbol of Madrid and it has been the emblem of the city from the middle Ages. It is a 20 ton statue of a bear eating fruits from a tree.

El Retiro is the most important park in Madrid since it was opened in 1868. Here, there are many zones to visit and activities to enjoy with; since going for a walk to have a nice trip on boat.
Here, you can find different zones or areas, the busiest one is THE POND , were you can rent a boat to go for a rowing trip in the pond with your friends or, as it’s very typical, with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Gran Vía, without any doubts is the most important street of Madrid, where you can find many people at any time of the day. Some time ago, when it was full of cinemas and theatres, it was known as Madrid’s Broadway.


The Prado Museum is the most important museum not only of Madrid, but also of Spain. It was founded by King Ferdinand VII in 1819. Here we can find the largest collection of Velázquez, Goya and Rubens in the world. It includes several of the great masterpieces of European painting, such as “El caballero de la mano en el pecho” by El Greco, Velázquez’s Meninas, and “The Second of May 1808” by Goya.
It also includes collections of ancient sculpture, decorative arts, drawings, photographs…




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