Our hearts mourn once again and the question remains still the same; why?  But the answer, regardless its polyhedric complexity, is as simple: Evil exists.  We are certainly walking through hard times for our living together it is true, but what we are currently facing is not a war of religions as it might first appear for simple minds, turning so unfairly all muslim individuals into suspects or wrongdoers according to our polite western standards, we are really facing a war against evil and so we must fight it wherever it is and whoever stands it for.
Religion means peace.  No god compels his followers to erase the other gods off the face of Earth but just the opposite, I would say; we all are compelled to be hospitable and welcoming, to be respectful with the others, not to murder or to rob… no matter what or who our god might be if any, simply because everything responds to the most basic human natural order, these principles lay on the deepest layers of our essence and no written laws or commandments should be necessary out of those natural principles.
Evil is in extremism, evil is in barbarism, in savagery; evil as the real root of all.  Deads are deads wherever they die, no matter if in New York, London, Madrid, Paris… or Baghdad and every one of them leaves a trail of immense pain behind so it is the extremists who we ALL must fight to; and I’m saying “all” appealing to my childish naïve sense of the utopia longing for a common front of All The Goods defeating the Evil. It is for sure that if this ever happened all our gods would agree on being so proud of us.  We are more, we are better, we are stronger and we are right so what else do we need?
Today my heart mourns for the casualties in Paris as it mourns every day when I see the images of the drowned ones in the sea or the deads under the bombs, and of the children… those so many thousands of helpless children!  I hope my shrunken heart of today would never end up getting used to just hearing the numbers without listening.  May they all rest in peace.

Luis Martín


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