Crash is the first book of Nicole William´s trilogy which are: Crash, Clash and Crush.
One day, Luce was sunbathing at the lake – beach and she fell in love with one guy who arrived with some more and started playing American soccer, Jude, that was the guy, glanced at her only once  so, Luce started to sunbathe to have his attention, finally they started to talk. Another day Jude went to Luce´s home and they talked outside and then he had dinner with Luce´s family. The police arrested Jude and his friends and Luce didn´t know anything  more about Jude. 
When Luce started the lessons she discovered that Jude studied  there, they talked and some hours later Luce gained the fame as a slut for being Jude´s  friend, but he stopped those hearsay. Jude offered Luce as a princess of the annual dance and she came  back him offering him to play for  the high school soccer team. They started to be a couple and everybody was in shock because Jude never had girlfrends. They discovered that Jude´s father was the murder of Luce´s brother and they blame the other. So, they splitted up their relathionship. 
Finally, Jude said sorry to Luce in her graduation and she didn´t know anything else about Jude for the rest of the summer. When Luce started at the university she went to a party to other university and she discovered that he was studying  there because of her, they solved their differences and they talked and they started to be a couple again.


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