INTERVIEW TO MARIA BERJANO TORRADO

What motivated you to participate in the “Extraordinary Prize”?
     The fact that there was an opportunity for my effort to be externally recognized and that this would be included in my record. Also taking part of the regional stage I could pass to the national one.

Do you consider this contest a good incentive for young people?
       I think that the true incentive that young people taking part of this competition can have is winning the national prize in the final stage,  that is one thousand euros. To get this amount of money you should have passed the regional stage.

Is the effort you did compensated with the marks you got?
      What I think is that, more than with the marks, my effort has been rewarded for having stayed between the first ten ones in the regional stage.

Do you think that the proposed tests have been of an acceptable level, too complicated or they have turned out to be easy for you?

      The English and language examinations correspond more or less with the level that we were given in the ESO. However, the mathematics one, in my opinion, was more than difficult and the majority of the students failed it.

How do you feel after having won the regional prize?
      I feel really happy for that and I also feel encouraged to continue getting good qualifications to obtaining more and more achievements in the future.

In case you win the first prize in the national stage, what would you do with the money?
     If I win, I will save the money to go to some summer camps or courses. Also, it would be a good idea to make them abroad so I can learn more English and I can have different experiences.



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