Energy from the Sun is made illegal

In October, the Government approved the Royal Decree 900/2015, rule that validates the ‘tax to the Sun’, to the satisfaction of the electricity companies. This April 11 it was the deadline for the auto consumers who had previous installations to this Decree to adapt to it. In fact, most have not done so, which means that thousands of installations of auto consumption in Spain are now illegal. They face fines ranging from 6 to 60 million euros, in addition to having to pay for the so-called ‘tax to the Sun’. The legislation, approved by the Government of Rajoy, is the most restrictive in the world. 
On April 7, the organizations Amigos de la Tierra, Anpier, Asgeco, Asociación Medio Ambiente y cambio climático, Ecologistas en Acción, Fundación Global Nature, Fundación Renovables, Greenpeace, Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energético, SEO/BirdLife y WWF España sent a letter to the President accusing the Ministry of Industry, chaired by José Manuel Soria, of preventing that such installations comply with the obligations which the Ministry had established, without detailing how to comply with the complex techniques required to modify the installations.  The auto consumption Decree contradicts last communications from the European Union, which stresses that the role of an active and committed citizenship will be essential in the process to achieve the necessary energy transition. On the other hand, the Spanish Decree prevents any possibility of carrying out new projects of energy production in people’s hands.
According to some experts from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, when renewable energies posed a high economic cost, Spain was the pioneer country. However, now that they have become incredibly cheaper and that they represent a step forward and a great investment for Spain, Government hampers the own electricity production of citizens and also the investigations that could be made here in Spain, so other countries like Germany are developing them leaving Spain behind and forcing scientists, engineers and students to go to other countries. Also, the Sun is a renewable, abundant and cheap energy source that could reduce our energy dependence, generate sustainable and decentralized energy and promote citizen economy. All because the Minister Soria protects the interests of large electric companies, that would not win money, since its main competitor are renewable energy sources.


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