March 21st, Saturday evening, In Plaza de España in Torrijos took place the Villa of Torrijos awards gala organized by the town.

By surprise we were notified that our classmate Jesús Baltasar and our class 1ºBACH A had been awarded with the solidarity price in that gala.

Why were we awarded? Maybe you are asking… Well here it is the story:

All started with Mario, a classmate of us that suffers from a degenerative illness that keeps him on a wheelchair and what is more, there is not an elevator on our high school. A student called Jesus, seeing Mario’s situation decided to start up an initiative that could help Mario to get to the upper floors in the high school without taking any risk.

Then he wrote an article in a social platform called explaining what was happening in Mario’s everyday life and we collect up more than a thousand signatures in favor of installing an elevator.

This piece of news reached the ears of the town hall and they decided to support us.

Some weeks later, some friends of Mario’s started writing a letter to the minister to let her know about the terrible situation and incredibly she answered us back expressing  her full agreement in that initiative.

The construction of the elevator took more or less a month and it started in April. When it was finished the TV came to our high school to interview Jesus, Mario and his mother about their feelings and experiences.

And so we were awarded for this, for our dedication, for the way that we express to the world that Mario is one of us no matter what his situation is, to prove that teenagers also have feelings and are worried for everyone else’s situation, for trying to make our partners life a little bit easier. This is a very clear example that make us see that if you fight for your dreams with effort and dedication sooner or later they will become true.

Mario, his parents and Jesús



By Alba Frías López, 1ºBACH A



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