Magic Puppets

Book information

English title: Magic puppets

Spanish title: Títeres de la magia

 Author: Iria G. Parente y Selene M. Pascual

Nº Pages: 521

Editorial: Nocturna

Approx. price: 15,20€

ISBN:  9788494527739

“Here’s today’s lesson, apprentice: sometimes there are secrets that is better not to know”

In this second story of Marabilia it’s three years now since our protagonists Arthmael, Lynne and Hazan traveling together.

In this book we can find that Hazan isn’t it a child anymore, now he is seventeen years old and he is studying in the Tower of Magic Necromancer in Idyll. He is trying so hard to learn all about magic, that it is a very difficult subject for him. . Hazan feels frustrated because from a very early age he had very high goals and he thinks that he isn’t good enough for something that he had been dreaming of for all his childhood. But he is not alone, he has Clarence’s help.

Clarence, however, feels very comfortable between magic and the idea of being out of his lovely tower which is very strange for him. The only parental figures that he knows are his uncle and aunt, they are the current directors of the tower. Since childhood they have taught him all the secrets of magic, preparing him for being the future director. All seems well, the days pass between classes and aids to Hazan. Clarence is very happy with his routine, he can´t ask for more… Well, may be something more than a professional relationship with his young apprentice.

Unfortunately all Marabilia has been invaded by stranger poisons that seem not have an effective cure. It is entrusted to Clarence the mission to leave the tower and investigate the origin of the poisons and find a cure. Even when it seems impossible, but for some reason he is the best magician in the tower, isn’t he?



I loved to travel again with my favorite characters through Marabilia, following them in all their adventures. I imagine all the creatures as if they were close to me and it seems impossible to me not to connect emotionally with every one of them. It was an addictive reading that makes you think about a student’s life, the expectations on us that other people have and the freedom of loving who we really want no matters the gender of the person.



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