• Is it dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker?


It has allways been said that yoy should never wake up someone who is sleepwalking.


It may be very unpleaseant, but by know means it is dangerous. The myths derives from a superstition wich held that the soul left the body shile sleeping, so if that person were awakened, the soul would become lost and couldn’t return the body.

  • Does blue bood exist?


 And it´s not the blood of princesses but of octopuses. This color occurs due to the properties of a substance present in their blood, hemocyanin, wich always them to keep all of the fibres of their body oxygenated at temperatures that fluctuate between -1.8ºC and 30ºC. 

  • What make us hear better underwater

Because water is a densed liquid miedum, acoustic pressure waves arrive at the listener’s ear in a more intense way than if they were travelling trough air.

  • What is the longest film in history?


It is called “THE CURE FOR INSOMNIA” it lasts more than 3  and half days, exactly 87 hours. The film was shown in full  just once sequence in which it could be seen the poet Lee Groban reading a composition of 3400 pages.

Elena y María 4esoA





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