I have get this article from a Facebook video and it has 1,5 millions of views.Luis is a 63 years old colombian farmer.

He easily climbs up a mountain road in an old bike. Two europeans triathletes, Axel Carrión and Andreas Fabricus, have taken travelling throught 5 sudamerican countries in 58 days as a purpose.The farmer was coming back from work, was riding in an old  bike when he found them. The farmer got to overcome to the cycling professionals in the way up between Dodelba and Antiorquía he dit it without any effort. He was wearing jeans and carrying a sack full of potatoes.In the video you can listen Alex Carrión saying “ he is stronger than us” , before admiting the man was leaving in a bad place.

The sporstmen spoke with the man and he admitted that he travels every days 10 km with a 200m climb. The triathletes try to justify themselves saying that they were tired due to the extreme heat and they had tavelled 200 km.

As if the farmer had been sitting all day long. He was older and he had been working all day carrying a sack.


Work done by: Laura Cadierno Barajas.  3ºA


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