Some of the students of our High School, Alonso de Covarrubias, went to the UCLMFFL to participate in the International competition of robotics, First Lego League.

This competition consists in three different dynamic steps. Firstly, we had to present the scientific project that was related to animals and technology; we decided to make it about rabbits overpopulation in our area. The second part was, in our opinion, the most interesting, exciting and cooperative part, the technological project about robots; this part consists in programming and designing the robot with the intention of passing and overcoming several tests and levels. The last one, was the principles test, we had to make a project about the values we have learned each day with our mates in the mentioned tests.

Our team was made by nine students: Pablo, Mario, Andrés, Sergio, David, Sergio, Juanto, Alex, María and Daniel, who was the coach of the team. Each one had a different task. Everyone helped in each part but there were different groups for each test. Pablo, Mario and María focused on the project of the robot, while the others focused more on the scientific and the values part.

We started in January and it only took us one month to complete it. This was our main problem because we didn´t have any basics in this knowledge of robotics, we had never worked on this topic or subject. If we had started earlier, we might have won; despite these difficulties we got a high position in the competition in general. We are satisfied with our position but we think that we could have won the competition.

The day of the competition all the team was so nervous. There were lots of people in the event, all surprised about what we were doing. It looks easy but it has an enormous preparation and lot of time invested on it.

At the end, we completed all the tests with success and we got the 2nd position. To be the first year we have participated in the competition we think we got a meritorious result. Next year we will try to win the competition and go to the nationals.

Enlace hacia “traeiler covarrob” :

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-14 at 2.11.16 PM - copia.jpeg


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