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English title: Splintered

Spanish title: Susurrossusurros-2

 Author: A. G. Howard

Nº Pages: 416

Editorial: Oz editorial

Approx. price: 17,90€

ISBN:  9788494112324

“The normality is subjective, so do not let anyone tell you that you are not normal, because for me you are, and this is the only opinion that has to be important for you”

Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of  bugs and flowers—precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before. This family curse stretches back to her ancestor Alice Liddell, the real-life inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alyssa might be crazy, but she manages to keep it together. For now.
When her mother’s mental health turns worse, Alyssa learns that what she thought was fiction is based in terrifying reality. The real Wonderland is a place far darker and more twisted than Lewis Carroll ever let on, and is waiting for Alyssa to fix the mess that the young Alice committed on her first visit and save her family.  She must also decide whom to trust: Jeb, her best friend and secret crush, or the sexy but suspicious Morpheus, her guide through Wonderland, whom she has been dreaming since childhood.


A story with the macabre touch of Tim Burton and the genius of Carroll. Our author A.G. Howard has known how to take a world and transform it into something never seen, letting us know her version of the future of those characters that are so well known. If you are a true fan of Alicia you cannot miss this story, and if you aren’t then I encourage you to delve into this world and know a new version of what you already knew. You will be as lost and crazy as the protagonist.

Magic Puppets

Book information

English title: Magic puppets

Spanish title: Títeres de la magia

 Author: Iria G. Parente y Selene M. Pascual

Nº Pages: 521

Editorial: Nocturna

Approx. price: 15,20€

ISBN:  9788494527739

“Here’s today’s lesson, apprentice: sometimes there are secrets that is better not to know”

In this second story of Marabilia it’s three years now since our protagonists Arthmael, Lynne and Hazan traveling together.

In this book we can find that Hazan isn’t it a child anymore, now he is seventeen years old and he is studying in the Tower of Magic Necromancer in Idyll. He is trying so hard to learn all about magic, that it is a very difficult subject for him. . Hazan feels frustrated because from a very early age he had very high goals and he thinks that he isn’t good enough for something that he had been dreaming of for all his childhood. But he is not alone, he has Clarence’s help.

Clarence, however, feels very comfortable between magic and the idea of being out of his lovely tower which is very strange for him. The only parental figures that he knows are his uncle and aunt, they are the current directors of the tower. Since childhood they have taught him all the secrets of magic, preparing him for being the future director. All seems well, the days pass between classes and aids to Hazan. Clarence is very happy with his routine, he can´t ask for more… Well, may be something more than a professional relationship with his young apprentice.

Unfortunately all Marabilia has been invaded by stranger poisons that seem not have an effective cure. It is entrusted to Clarence the mission to leave the tower and investigate the origin of the poisons and find a cure. Even when it seems impossible, but for some reason he is the best magician in the tower, isn’t he?



I loved to travel again with my favorite characters through Marabilia, following them in all their adventures. I imagine all the creatures as if they were close to me and it seems impossible to me not to connect emotionally with every one of them. It was an addictive reading that makes you think about a student’s life, the expectations on us that other people have and the freedom of loving who we really want no matters the gender of the person.

Stone Dreams


Title: Stone dreams

Spanish title: Sueños de piedra

Author: Iria G Parente y Selene M Pascual

Nº pages: 473

Editorial: Nocturna

Approximate price: 16,50 €

Spanish SBN: 9788494335471


Arthmael, the prince of Marabilia was angry because another prince wanted to take the crown of his kingdom and he decided to go away from the palace to look for fame and glory. While he´s running away from the castle he meets Lynne, a whore who was running away from the whorehouse in which she was hold for years, to go away and to make her dreams true. But in the journey, they both met a sorcerer called Hazan who was going to one of the Marabilia´s kingdom to look for a cure for her sister who was sick. Finally, Lynne and Arthmael decided to go with him to search for what they had run away. During their journey they met strange animals, bandits, enchanted forest, etc.

Arthmael and Lynne didn´t like each other, they were so different, but they couldn´t hide their feelings. Will Hazan get what we wants? Does Arthmael become a king? Or does Lynne get what she wants?



 Title: Almost accidentally

 Spanish title: Casi sin querer

 Author: Jose Ángel Gómez Iglesias (@Defreds)

 Nº pages: 172

 Editorial: Frida

 Approximate price: 12,00€

 Spanish SBN: 9788494398902

Sometimes love is as complicated as unpredictable. But in the end the things that we value the most are the simplest details, the most beautiful, those which arrive without warning you. And at the time of writing about feelings, there isn’t anything better than to write it from the heart. And this is what Defreds does in this book.


Frida is a new editorial which published especially poetry collections, and they bring opportunities to new writers in this field. I have to confess that I had never read a poetry book by myself before and I fell in love with this book when I read the first sheet. To buy this book has been the best decision I could take to enter into this field, Defreds shows you the good and the bad sides of love, reading through its pages you can see the heartbreak, deceit, fantasies and ruptures suffering from anyone.


But if love doesn’t call you don’t worry, Frida has many books in different topics, and you can read poems or short stories. Here you are some of its most recognized titles:






“-You make me ashamed, Seraphina. Your courage always does.
-It´s not courage , it´s stubbornness.”

Book information

English title: Seraphina

Spanish title: Seraphina

Author: Rachel Hartman

Nº Pages: 529

Editorial: Nocturna Ediciones

Approx. price: 17.00€

ISBN: 978-84-942862-9-2

Set in:  Medieval fantasy world.

Imagine being taught maths or physics by a dragon. It sounds crazy, doesn´t it ? For Seraphina- a sixteen-year-old gifted musician- it´s as common as breathing. In the kingdom of Goredd humans and dragons has worked side by side for four decades: dragons go to the Royal Palace as ambassadors and live within humans folding into their human shape but the tension and hostility between the two species hasn´t disappeared with the treaty and years.

 That  fragile- and apparently- peace gets perturbed by the murder of one of the members of the royal family in a suspicious “dragonian” style, just after our protagonist joins the royal court as part of the chorus.

Seraphina has reasons to fear both sides. She knows how dragons are but also knows how humans can be. The mystery around the dead body will be investigated by the musician and Prince Lucian-the dangerously perceptive captain of the Queen´s Guard- but she must be careful: the answers she is looking for could discover her secret and destroy her very life.

Other facts about the book:

-This saga is formed by two books : Seraphina and Shadow Scale (which is now available in Spanish by Nocturna Ediciones).

-The book has at the end of the pages two sections:

 “Cast of characters” where you can find all the relationships between the characters of the book.(Which I found really helpful as there´re too many names and families)

“Glossary” This book is so unique that has its own expressions, saints and culture in general so it´s necessary to have a glossary to look for clarifications about some terms.

-This book has more different covers than other books I´ve read before.I find very interesting that some countries have their own new fresh cover and others have just the same cover as the USA but changing in some way the original colors. And for a reason I don´t really know the Indonesian cover reminds me of the game “FINAL FANTASY” . (I really liked the cover of Poland).

WARNING: If you buy the Spanish / EE.UU 1/EE.UU 2 / edition I must warn you that the title “Seraphina” is made of some metallic gold/silver paint so be careful when you place it on/ take off  the bookshelf  as the friction with another book  can damage the paint and make it disappear.(My copy is already just “Seraphi” )


Crash is the first book of Nicole William´s trilogy which are: Crash, Clash and Crush.
One day, Luce was sunbathing at the lake – beach and she fell in love with one guy who arrived with some more and started playing American soccer, Jude, that was the guy, glanced at her only once  so, Luce started to sunbathe to have his attention, finally they started to talk. Another day Jude went to Luce´s home and they talked outside and then he had dinner with Luce´s family. The police arrested Jude and his friends and Luce didn´t know anything  more about Jude. 
When Luce started the lessons she discovered that Jude studied  there, they talked and some hours later Luce gained the fame as a slut for being Jude´s  friend, but he stopped those hearsay. Jude offered Luce as a princess of the annual dance and she came  back him offering him to play for  the high school soccer team. They started to be a couple and everybody was in shock because Jude never had girlfrends. They discovered that Jude´s father was the murder of Luce´s brother and they blame the other. So, they splitted up their relathionship. 
Finally, Jude said sorry to Luce in her graduation and she didn´t know anything else about Jude for the rest of the summer. When Luce started at the university she went to a party to other university and she discovered that he was studying  there because of her, they solved their differences and they talked and they started to be a couple again.


“Stories are the wildest things of all. Stories chase and bite and hunt.” 
Book information
English title: A monster calls.
Spanish title: Un monstruo viene a verme.
 Author: Patrick Ness
Nº Pages: 204/213
Editorial: Nube de tinta /Walker Books
Approx. price:14.95€/ 9.99£
ISBN:  978-84-15594-19-2/978-1-4063-3934-5
Set in: United States,Nowadays
Connor opens his eyes.

Darkness to be seen.

Hard ground and sand to be felt.

A monster to be terrified of.

The same feeling, the same fear, the same nightmare he’s been having long before his mother even started her treatments.

 He wakes up in his bed -00.07 on the digital clock- heavy-breathing and covered in sweat just to find out something is outside the bedroom window: a monster. But it isn´t the monster he was expecting to find, it´s not the monster of his nightmare. The monster standing in the backyard has branches gathered into a great and terrible face, shimmering into a mouth and nose and even eyes, watching him. The rest of the body is more and more branches twisted around others mixed with needle-like leaves and pointy ends. Connor isn´t afraid of this monster, but he would be as he wants the most dangerous thing from him. He wants the truth.
Personal Opinion:
I know this can´t be said to be a review as it doesn´t give you enough information to figure out what the plot of the book is but in my defense I have to say that´s better if you don´t know more than that information. Personally, when I ordered my copy of “A monster calls” the only thing I knew about it was the information the back cover offered – which is way less than the one I offer you in this review- and that was enough to convince me to buy it.
I strongly think the less you know about it, the more you’ll enjoy it and get surprised about this boy and all the things he has to deal with. In one single book, Patrick has created an unusual dramatic, fantasy story which involves loss, hope, a wise voice and monsters-the ones that live under our beds and the ones that live within us.

Other facts about the book:
-“A monster calls” will be adapted to the big screen by Focus Features. It´s a collaboration between Spain and USA as the director is J.A.Bayona and the screenplay is being written by Patrick Ness. The confirmed actor and actresses are Lewis MacDougall ,Liam Neeson, Sigourney Weaver  and Felicity Jones. The release date is expected to be October 14th of 2016.
-The original idea of “A monster calls” by the writer Siobhan Dowd was turned into a novel by Patrick Ness – who dedicated her the novel- as she died from cancer at the age of 47. She wrote four books, two of them were published after her death. In 2009 she became the first author ever posthumously awarded the Carnegie Medal.
 -The book has lots of different covers and editions but this one´s my favorite:
This edition of Walker Book (the info is above) (  has drawings by Jim Kay-who won the Kate Greenaway Medal for them- that are just so well done and beautiful that I couldn´t resist to talk about them.(This and the Spanish copies are the ones I own).
More editions of the book:
Celia  M.G