Crypt of the NecroDancer / UnEpic

Hi, I’m Daniel, once again. This time, after rather a bit of time, i want to write about two games i have played lastly. One is Crypt of the NecroDancer, and the other, the Spanish gem UnEpic. Hope you enjoy!
Crypt of the NecroDancer
Have you ever played or heard about The Binding of Isaac? Well, if you have, this game is of that kind. If you haven’t, the main concept is that you play different games (or runs) in the same save. You unlock objects as you collect diamonds in those runs, and the objects you unlock can be bought for coins in the following runs. What makes this game special is that all the movements of yours and the enemies are marked by a rhythm of a background techno music. If you don’t pass the screen you are in before you that background song ends, you loose. It is a difficult concept to explain, but easy to understand. If you like music, rhythm and “run-based” games, try this one!
UnEpic is a old-school role-playing game in which you are a boy who plays role-play board games with their friends. In a game, you feel like going to the bathroom and when you enter there, you seem to be transported to what appears to be a medieval castle…
There are a lot of weapons, mechanics, spells, levels… and a lot of different enemies. If you like old-school role games, or just want a good dungeon to beat, this game is for you!.

Hope you enjoyed both reviews. I’m sorry I haven’t written so frequently lastly, but this might be the second last I write this course. Anyway, see you next time!.


This game has come out some weeks ago now. It is a city­building game, brought up by Paradox and developed by Colossal Order whose base is mainly traffic management, but has deep mechanics in all its aspects. Basically it is a version of SimCity, but done in a better way. Let’s see what things make it a better choice and, after all, a good game:

• Whereas SimCity simulates traffic and the life of your city by means of complex algorithms (i.e.: in a zone there are 100,000 inhabitants, so traffic is 70. If the road besides only holds a traffic of 60, that road jams), Cities Skylines simulates every person in the city individually (in fact, you can change their names, the names of their cars, etc.), and those people take their vehicles, and those vehicles, if they are too many, eventually jam the roads. This concept, yet leading to unrealistic situations, is to me awesome.

• Cities Skylines has pretty decent district mechanics. You can design your own districts, and make specific laws for those districts. Industrial areas can be classified as regular, oil industry, wood industry, agricultural industry and mineral industry. Each industry has its own characteristics, and use up its own natural resources. For example, in order to make wood industry, you need forests; to assign successfully oil industry, you need to have oil deposits inside your city limits; etc. Finally, regular industry consumes all those prime resources in order to make products for your commercials to sell. Also, there are a punch of different laws you can apply either for your entire city or just for a specific district.

• MODS!: Yes, that’s right: it is Steam Workshop compatible. In fact, you can not only make mods that modify gameplay experience itself, but also you can download through it community­made buildings, plazas, road intersections… And if you are likely, you can also make your own to share them with the community! It is a fact that there will be always a person that spends more hours than you in a game, and with this system you can benefit from it, as you may find “perfect” intersections, or morbidly ideal city plans. This feature is one of the best in the game. 

The only thing I see you would prefer playing SimCity is that, as mentioned, traffic and city planning in that game is much more realistic, that you can trade with your neighbours and, of course, multiplayer. But anyway, if you are a fan of city ­planning games, you must buy this one!

BIT TRIP RUNNER 2 / The Order: 1886

Hi, I’m Daniel, and today I’m talking about a game I liked a lot: “BIT TRIP PRESENTS: Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien” (or just “BIT TRIP RUNNER 2”), and the ever­talked­about “The Order 1886”. I’m sorry I have not written for such a long time, but I didn’t find the time. Hope I write more from now on.

BIT TRIP PRESENTS: Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

This platform game is a must­play if you are keen of platform games. But you should play this game over all if you like, apart from platform game, good music and rhythm. The main point of the game is very interesting, yet catching: there is not music in the sole game but the base; the music plays with your actions (like jumping over an obstacle, or picking one pile of gold), every one of which plays a different musical note each time you perform them. The result is a pretty exotic music, which may become repetitive, but varies in each world, so you won’t get tired of it. I also want to point out the difficulty of this game. This game is hard by itself, but more if you want to complete it at 100%. You’d better be very good at platform games, or you will suffer! Anyway, it is good fun to play (sometimes frustrating, but fun to play after all), no matter you want to complete it at full or not.


• The music, the main characteristic of this game, is awesome.
• Quite long from the beginning to the end.
• Variety of worlds.
• If you only want to jump ans dodge (not kill or fight) in a platform game, this is your game.


• If you like difficult and challenging games, you will like this game; if not, you might not enjoy it.


• May seem rather simple and repetitive sometimes.
• Sometimes frustrating…


The Order 1886 has been the most controversial game lately. This game, the first important exclusive of Play Station 4, has a lot of potential, but it has been a disappointment. The game is gorgeous, and so it seems to be good at the beginning… but then a cinematic play… and then another cinematic plays… and then another… and another… The game is a lot about the visual, but almost nothing about the gameplay. A lot of quick time events; corridors; and simple brawls, where you have to shoot things and then you go on… It feels more like a film than like a game. But a film lasts 2 hours; The Order 1886, 7­8 hours in normal difficulty. The visual aspect is remarkable though. Yet the graphic engine has been made by the developers, it is absolutely magnificent. The game has a very well achieved atmosphere, and the illumination just makes it feel real. But again, these aspects are vain, empty, just because all the effort that has been made on making the game so outstanding at its graphics, is an effort that lacks on developing solid gameplay mechanics. Hope you enjoyed the article, and hope I write another sooner than after!

Rayman Legends / The Banner Saga

Hi, Daniel here. I was thinking about what to write this time, and was wondering if i could write about new games, but it’s January and there are not many remarkable new games. So instead i am writing about two games I have been playing recently: Rayman Legends and The Banner Saga.
Rayman Legends is very similar to its predecessor, Rayman Origins: it’s a 2D platform game, in which you have to collect “lums” (similar to “coins” in other games, with one difference, the lums are unlimited).
There are some other things of this game that drew my attention against other platforms. Apart from the 5 main and the 1 extra worlds, there are other 6 worlds , which take levels from Rayman Origins, called “Back to Origins”.

The main point for buying this game before other modern Rayman games is the following: the Challenges. Once a day and once a week, new challenges appear. The lums you collect there can be used to unlock characters and achievements in the game. These challenges are online, and they compare your scores with others all around the world. You can win platinum trophies by being one of the 25 first players in the world once the challenge gets changed.

There have been several things I liked about this game. One of them is the separation between normal levels and time trials, which unlocks as you beat up worlds. Another thing I enjoyed much is the Back to Origins section, because it gives you the opportunity of “playing” more or less Rayman Origins without having to buy it. Finally, what I liked the most was, as many of you who have played Rayman may agree, music levels (<3).
  • Fun to play
  • Not so long, but has a lot of extra levels (as Back to Origins)
  • Very challenging to complete.
  • Challenges make the game be unlimited repayable.
  • Music levels FTW!
  • Quite difficult
  • Hit-boxes are little confusing combined with their graphics
  • If you want to unlock ALL characters, you have to invest a LOT of time in the game.


To be honest, I haven’t finished this game yet. But I can tell you that what I have played is enough to invite you to play. The story is more gripping and intriguing as you move on the story-line. The lore is fascinatingly deep, or so it seems when I have left playing the game.
The story develops in a vast continent, inhabited by two species of humanoids: humans and varl. Varl are giant humanoids with two horns in their heads. The gods have died and the sun has stopped. By the time the game starts, humans and varl are trying to form an alliance against the Dredge, dark, soulless creatures that invade both species.

Gameplay could be defined as RPG, turn-based strategy combat (Forge of Empires style), but those are the battles. There is other aspect of the gameplay which is very interesting to play, and it’s the way trips are managed. I don’t know how to explain how it works, but I highly recommend you to look it up in the Internet, or even try the game to know it.

Also I would like to say that the fact that the studio that devloped the game is indie and so it doesn’t have many resources to make, for example, voice acting. That makes the story a little bit difficult to follow up, but it is nothing important.

  • Deep lore 

  • Gripping story
  • Interesting, original gameplay mechanics
  • Amusing battle mechanics
  • Almost no voice acting
  • Poor translation to Spanish (:P)

Hope you liked the reviews, and I hope 2015 gives us good games to play!

Child of Light / The Game Awards 2014

Hi, Daniel here. I have been recently playing a game and I have achieved to finish it, enjoying it a lot. I am talking about UbiArt’sfranchise Child of Light. Also I would like to make a list of the several winners of The Video Game Awards 2014. So, here we go:

Child of Light is a JRPG-ish, turn-based combat, graphical adventure fairy tale which I enjoyed a lot: every single minute I played. It makes us play as the daughter of an archduke of Austria. After the Holy Week celebrations, she falls ill and dies, but then she resurrects in a fantasy world. There she finds new friends, such as Igniculus, a “firefly”, or so she thinks it is. Eventually, the story ends in a dramatic climax, with an epic boss fight, and I think no one will regret to have played the game.
The turn-based combat system is something many people dislike. I was one of them. But Child of Light focus this concept in a different way. You can move Igniculus and make him bright to blind your enemies, and so slow them; or rather make it bright over your allies to heal them. Moreover, you can interrupt enemies attacks by attacking them when they are casting their abilities. The combination of all this mechanics make the combat system in this game very dynamic, and enjoyable no matter if you like turn-based combat or not.
I think it’s also important to say that all the dialogues are in verse. I know some people are not keen of that, but I didn’t dislike it.

  • Gripping and beautiful story.
  • Gorgeous art style.
  • Many characters, that make variety in terms of combat.
  • Many kinds of enemies.
  • A vastly dynamic combat, even though it being turn-based.
  • Side-quests (which is a “pro” taking into account that this game is about 10h of play).
PROS/CONS (you can like them, you can not):
  • All the dialogues are written in verse.
  • It is a fairy-tale story.

  • It is too short for its quality.
  • Even if you like verses, it makes understanding the main thread of the story very difficult.
  • In some computers (like mine) it is bad optimized, and you can do nothing to improve its performance.

As many of you may know, The Game Awards have been celebrated. Even though I don’t like most of the winners, here it is a list with the most remarkable awards:

  • Game of the Year & Best Role-Playing Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Best Narrative: Valiant Hearts: the Great War. (yay!)
  • Best Action/Adventure: Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor.
  • Best Fighting game: Super Smash Bros. WiiU
  • Best Sports/Racing & Best Family game: Mario Kart 8.
  • Best Online Experience & Best Soundtrack/Score: Destiny.
  • Developer of the Year: Nintendo.

Valiant Hearts: the Great War is the one I liked most and, so, I think it is the one which deserved the most its award.

What about YOU?What game do you think it deserves the most its award? What game would you include in the list?

The Brand New: AC: Unity & Civilization: BE

Hi, Daniel here. Today I’d like to talk about a couple new titles that came out two weeks or so ago. Those games are: Civilization BE, and the must-mentionAssassin’s Creed: Unity. First of all, I’d like you to have clear these are not serious, or objective reviews either. I am just giving the pros and cons of the games and my opinion about them.
The first game I want to talk about is Civilization Beyond Earth. This game has been the one I most played since it came out.
As you may noticed in my last post about my Top 5 games, i like strategy games. I enjoyed a lot the Civilization saga, and when I first tried CivBE, I was not dissapointed. This game takes place in a sci-fi universe, where the humans are forced to leave the earth and colonize a new world. It has a very deep lore, and joins together a lot of different concepts of the sci-fi books and movies.
  • Very deep lore.
  • If you like sci-fi, it is a pro for you that the whole game is about science fiction.
  • Affinity system, which I am not going to go very deep into, but I liked a lot. (More information: ).
  • Strongly improved performance.
  • Better victory mechanics.
  • The gameplay feels just like Civilization V.
  • Yet again, if you DON’T like sci-fi, it is a con for you that the whole game is about science fiction.
  • No city states, as there were in CivV
  • Only 8 “factions”, or civilizations.
The next game I’m going to talk about is AC: Unity. This game has been very controversial, because of its many bugs and glitches and very poor optimization on release.
I’m going straight forward to the pros and cons, as I ocnsider them self-explanatory:
  • Gameplaey style very similar to AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations: hard puzzles, medicines (yay!), glyphs, etc.
  • Very interesting investigation missions.
  • Infinite bugs and glitches on release. Even if they fix them, it has been outrageous that they released such an unfinished game.
  • Poor optimization, even in consoles. In PC, two of the most powerful graphics cards available in parallel cannot handle it at maximum settings.

I hope you enjoyed the overviews of both games. Tell me what games you like more, down in the comments.

What games are your top 5?

What games are your top 5?
Hi, my name is Daniel, and I will be in charge of the Gaming section. This section will talk about games (obviously), consoles, games conferences, and so on.
The first thing I want to talk about is kind of a presentation: What games do you like more?
I’m going to write my top 5 games, and a short review of them. Why don’t you to do the same downside in the comments? :D.
This is my top 5:

1.- Minecraft
I don’t like this game because of the popularity it has achieved. Though, I am willing to include it in the first place because it changed my gamer life forever: it was the first “serious” game I played, and introduced me in the world of gaming.
P.S.: I don’t think this game needs a review :P.

                                                      2.- Assassin’s Creed Saga
AC is a Third Person game, which develops from a medieval to a 18thcentury atmosphere. It has a very impressive story, but not so much replayability. If you like history, stealth and action, you will definetly love this game.
This game did more or less the same to me that Minecraft : it was the first AAA I played in my life. Since then, I started playing big games, such as Skyrim, Mass Effect, etc.

3.- League of Legends
LoL is, as almost all of you may know, the nº1 played game in the world. In its genre, it is the best on the issue of strategy, but it is closely followed by Dota 2 in terms of action.
I set this game in the 3rdposition because it is for me like a complimet for all the other games, like a substitute of a sport to follow (that doesn’t mean i don’t doexercise!)
                                                      4.- Skyrim

This action RPG MedievalFP has a vast open world, in which you would even get lost if it wasn’t for the map provided. Has almost infinite missions to acomplish. If you get to finish them all, you can always mod it for MORE missions to do. Because of all the former reasons and one more: you can kill a Dragon face to face!; this is my 4th game.
5.- Europa Universalis Saga
These games are Grand Strategy games (Risk style) which are extremely complicated, but as addictive as difficult. If you like strategy games and because of any reason you don’t knew about it, go and try it know.

Honour mention: SimCity 4
I want to mention this game because it was the very first game i have ever played, and, as a child, I spent some afternoons playing it.

What are your Top 5 games? And what games changed your gamer life?