Crypt of the NecroDancer / UnEpic

Hi, I’m Daniel, once again. This time, after rather a bit of time, i want to write about two games i have played lastly. One is Crypt of the NecroDancer, and the other, the Spanish gem UnEpic. Hope you enjoy!
Crypt of the NecroDancer
Have you ever played or heard about The Binding of Isaac? Well, if you have, this game is of that kind. If you haven’t, the main concept is that you play different games (or runs) in the same save. You unlock objects as you collect diamonds in those runs, and the objects you unlock can be bought for coins in the following runs. What makes this game special is that all the movements of yours and the enemies are marked by a rhythm of a background techno music. If you don’t pass the screen you are in before you that background song ends, you loose. It is a difficult concept to explain, but easy to understand. If you like music, rhythm and “run-based” games, try this one!
UnEpic is a old-school role-playing game in which you are a boy who plays role-play board games with their friends. In a game, you feel like going to the bathroom and when you enter there, you seem to be transported to what appears to be a medieval castle…
There are a lot of weapons, mechanics, spells, levels… and a lot of different enemies. If you like old-school role games, or just want a good dungeon to beat, this game is for you!.

Hope you enjoyed both reviews. I’m sorry I haven’t written so frequently lastly, but this might be the second last I write this course. Anyway, see you next time!.

Pretty Girl 13

Pretty Girl 13 by Liz Coley
Angie Chapman was thirteen years old when she went into the woods on a Girl Scout camping trip, there she became without noticing, the Lost Girl for the authorities, the newspapers, her family and friends…Angie returns home just to find out that it’s three years later and she’s sixteen—or at least that’s what everyone tells her. With the fact that she can´t remember anything of those lost years, it seems like she has even lost herself.
With a tremendous amount of courage and support from unexpected friends, Angie starts a journey into the darkest corners of her mind to put together the fragments of her lost time. Where has she been, who has been living her life, and what is hiding behind the terrible blankness? But there are secrets you can’t even tell yourself .
What do you do when you remember things you wish you could forget?

Pretty Girl-13 is a disturbing and powerful psychological thriller about a girl who must piece together the story of her kidnapping and captivity and then piece together her own identity but it´s also about accepting our whole selves, and the healing power of courage, hope, and love.

Blue Jeans

Francisco de Paula, mostly known as Blue Jeans, is a famous Spanish writer. His books are the series “Canciones Para Paula”, “El Club De Los Incomprendidos” and his new book “Tan Sencillo Como Twitear Te Quiero”. Ihad the good fortune to meet him in person and ask him to grant us a little interview. And this is the result:
1. We know that your name is Francisco de Paula, but we’re curious, why Blue Jeans? Why do you write under this pseudonym?
A: I used this pseudonym in the forums to talk about music, sport, series … when I started in Fotolog I wanted that the people start to speak about the characters and judge me by my writing and remain me in the background. BlueJeans comes from Sqeezer’s song. I like the sound of the title and adopted the nickname. Then the publisher decided to use it for my books.
2. Even from childhood you thought to dedicate to writing?
A: Since childhood I like to write but I never imagined I would get everything I’ve accomplished. Everything starts to not find work as a journalist and I have free time to propose the challenge of writing a novel. I could not publish that novel but it helped me to prove to myself that I could make a long story with a beginning and end.
3. Of all the books you have written what do you think has been most successful?
A: All are selling well and is fortunate to have seven books on the market. But I am aware that I have to keep working hard and striving every day to prevent this is over.
4. In “Canciones Para Paula” and “El club de los incomprendidos” you refer to sugus. Why this “obsession” with the sugus?
A: There isn’t an obsession. In the misunderstood I refer to them to give a wink to readers of Songs for Paula.
5. Soon it will be released your new book “As simple as to tweet I love you”. Could you tell us a little about it?
A: It is a university story that I really wanted to write in a while. It retains the style of all the previous books, but I have raised a point pitch to be slightly older characters. I cannot talk any more. The first chapter is on the Internet as an advance.
6. What advice would you give to people who are starting in the world of writing?
A: Do not get hung up on post and write for fun. And then read a lot. To be a good writer you must first be a good reader.
7. Do you do something more professionally besides writing?
A: I am a graduate in journalism, but now the books and everything around them take me twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
8. Have you thought about writing for an adult audience?
A: I like living day to day and just think of the new book and the tour firms will follow. I never shut any doors, although I see very far writing another genre.

These are his books, I hope you like it: 


Hi guys! On March 20th was released in cinemas the film adaptation of Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series written by Veronica Roth. That’s why we are going to do something different, we are going to comment the film but first here I leave you the book review.
one choice can destroy you”
Book information:
Title: Insurgent
Spanish title: Insurgente 
Author: Veronica Roth
Nº pages: 463
Editorial: RBA MOLINO
Approximately price: 16´93€ / 17´10€
ISBN*: 978-84-272-0318-1
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.
One choice
that becomes a sacrifice
one sacrifice
that becomes into loss
one loss
that becomes burden
one burden
that becomes battle
After the plot organized by Jeanine Matthews all the members of Abnegation and Dauntless run to Amity looking for help. Amity told them that they can stay as long as they keep the peace. To Tris’ ears arrives the information that the Erudite attacked Abnegation because they want some secret information that they had. Tobias’s mom (Evelyn) apparently isn’t dead after all, she ran away from Abnegation. In a private conversation between Evelyn and Tris, Evelyn calls her a “temporary fixture” in Tobias’ life, while she his family. Tobias’s mom tells her son her plans for a factionless revolution. 
Tris wants discover what is the secret that Abnegation hide and why Jeanine wants it. She also doesn’t like Evelyn’s plan to control the factions, she thinks that Evelyn is a bit like Jeanine.
The Erudite attack the divergent people and start to experiment with them, and so with our protagonist, Tris.
With the factionless’ help Tobias is able to rescue Tris from Erudite and with her help they show to all the people the secret that Abnegation got. This makes an amazing change in the society.
Insurgent is a book full of action that you will love at the moment you start reading it. The end of the book shows a new shocking reality of the world where Tris and Four have been living. The Divergent saga is a series of books that definitely you get caught instantly.
Well, now it´s time to talk a little about the movie.
Name:Divergent Series: Insurgent
Director: Robert Schwentke
Release dates: March 20th, 2015 (United States)/ April 1st, 2015 (Spain)

Firstly, this cannot be called a “book adaptation” I may call it a “movie that is based on a book” as long as it is a very very loose adaptation of Veronica Roth‘s novel, which contains a vastly different plot.
There are drastic changes in the movie that shouldn´t have taken place, one that all the book fans have notice on the trailer before the film came out is the fact that in the book, Tris is unable to hold a gun in her hands because of what happened to Will (she had to kill him on self defense) but in the film she uses them confidently. This can seem to have nothing to change but it does, it changes the essence of the character, her principles and her inner thoughts.
Other changes that were criticized on the social media where: the box with the message that only Divergents can open through simulations , neither the box or the simulations are featured in the book, instead the message is found on Jeanine’s computer, which is hard to access. The absence of important characters like Zeke Pedrad (Uriah´s older brother) who has a very important role and the changes of the places where relevant things occur.
But, if you go to the theaters to watch the movie just as a movie not as an adaptation you will find a thrilling science fiction movie with a non-stop action movement around the dystopian Chicago where our principal characters have to deal with the civil war they´re getting into and all the new information they are finding, all with a soundtrack that, personally, made me had goosebumps at some parts of the movie.

Sarah R. and Celia M.

Reviews of May

Hi everyone! Today I’m bringing you a double review as long as I couldn´t decide which of the two options I wanted to show you most so … you get two for the same price!
Fist, I’d like to talk about “Half Bad”, the first novel of the Half-Life Trilogy which was a great surprise because I´ve already read about witches (Harry Potter, Magisterium… not to go so far) and the fist thought that brought to life on my mind was something like “Please, not another book of a teenager magician who fights against dragons and other magical creatures” but it was none of that at all. The way Sally Green describes what the main character has to get through in order to survive is just hard, she describes everything in a real way, which helps you to get into the book and personally, sometimes while reading it I felt has angry, terrified or confused as the protagonist.
Before all of you get bored, here I leave you the information and the review:
Wanted by no one,Hunted by everyone.
Book information:
Title: Half Bad
Spanish title: El lado oscuro.
Author: Sally Green
Nº pages: 415
Editorial: Gran Travesía
Approximately price:16´95€
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.
**The first two books are available in English, but in Spanish you can only find the first one by the time.
A world divided in two factions at war: The Black Witches and the White ones that,for centuries have hunted their enemies. Nathan is caught in the middle as a Half Code (nor White nor Black) the son of the most notorious and depreciated black witch, Marcus, and a gentle white witch and when he is born their world is turned upside down. Viewed by the Council as both a threat and a key weapon against Marcus the father he never met, Nathan is caged by his 16th birthday, he and those who lives with await which of his two heritages will dominate—his sinister half or his compassionate half- while they know that as a Black Witch, he’ll die if not given three gifts on his 16th birthday by a blood relative; this means Marcus is his only hope.
On his journey to escape from the Hunters, cruel White Witches who persecute and torment him, Nathan searches to understand his past and his own nature is he truly a White or Black Witch?
The second book I want to show you is not really a book, it´s more like a kind of graphic novel…but it isn´t a novel either. It´s a collection of humoristic drawings that Laura Pacheco has done every week for S Moda , a magazine of the newspaper El País.
I have had a great time with this “book” and felt indentified with some of the things Laura talks about, it could be a good present for the Mother´s Day (I know it´s a little late but) or for someone who is not really into reading.
Below you’ll find the information and some of the pages:
Title: Problemas del Primer Mundo
Author: Laura Pacheco
Nº pages: 159
Editorial: Lumen
Approximately price:14´90€
*This number helps to find the book in the databases of the bookstores.
**Available only in Spanish

Touristic places of the Solar System

What about some astronomy? In this article we will explore some of the greatest places in the Solar System. However, the bad news is that you are not going to be able to go to these places until… 2099? By now, let´s look at these places on your screens.
Eris is a dwarf planet in the outskirts of the Solar System, near the Kuiper belt. It seems empty, sad, even ugly… but that´s what makes this tiny world special. Eris is just there… floating in the middle of nowhere, orbiting around the Sun silently. And also, a great place to look at the stars, because it doesn´t even have a significant atmosphere. So enjoy the views if you ever go to Eris.
Io, a satellite of Jupiter, is a very hostile world where there are daily volcanic eruptions. Apart from the very intense volcanic activity we´ve got the unbearable temperatures and the almost complete lack of water in the planet. This, combined with the atmosphere (formed mainly by gases) makes Io one of the most hostile worlds in our Solar System. So if you want an adventure, go to Io, but probably you will not survive….
Ganymede is the biggest satellite of Jupiter. But its size doesn´t matter, because you are looking at a world where, the scientists suspect, there is life. Why? Very simple: under the surface of Ganymede there´s a salted sea, just like here on the Earth. Also, there´s oxygen and hydrogen in the weak atmosphere of Ganymede… so very probably, there´s life just near us… but the limited budget of the space agencies are making this search very difficult. A wonderful place for a biologist… but don´t dig too much…
Titan is one of the most complex worlds in the Solar System. Behind the atmosphere which gives that flat colour to the planet there are mountains, plains, valleys, seas and even a river… but instead of liquid water Titan has liquid methane. And seems impossible to see life here… but actually, some scientists are thinking about enormous unicellular organisms living in the methane seas of Titan. Also, a space probe was sent to Titan, showing that the surface seems like a terrestrial landscape with similar geographical features. In words of the NASA “it seems like Arizona”.
And let´s finish with Europa, another satellite of Jupiter. Normally, one of the main problems of the space journeys is that you don´t have water… well, in Europa there´s plenty of it (it has as much water as the Earth). On the surface there is a lot of ice… well, the surface is made of ice. And behind the surface there is a liquid sea of water, where there´s probably life (in similar conditions to those subterranean seas in the Antarctica). So in Europa you would find ice, water… and more ice, so I think anyone needs a bottle of water here… 

F1 Legends: The 1970s

For most people, the 70s and the 80s were the golden era of the F1 championship. Let’s enter into this wonderful period with the greatest drivers of the 1970s, some of them considered as part of the elite of the F1 history.


Jochen Rindt


Rindt driving his Lotus
-World Champion in 1970.
The story of Jochen Rindt is one of those stories which every expert of Formula 1 must know.
At first, he drove for Brabham and Cooper, but in 1969 he was signed by Lotus. His performance in that year was excellent having in mind that Lotus didn´t have a very good car to fight for the championship.
But the moment of Jochen Rindt in the F1 history started (and also finished) in 1970. He won five races out of nine… but in Monza, the Lotus failed in the “Parabolica” turn, one of the most difficult turns of the championship. However, the grand performance of Rindt during the year made him the first F1 driver who couldn´t, unfortunately, enjoy his own title…
Jackie Stewart
Stewart driving his Matra
-World Champion in: 1969, 1971 and 1973.
Jackie Stewart, the best Scottish driver ever, is one of the most regular drivers the F1 has ever had.
At first he drove for BRM, with excellent results for a rookie. Then he went to Matra, where he won the championship in 1969 (with the car of the picture). And after that, his golden era started in Tyrrell, where he fought for the title during three years, winning the championship in 1971 and 1973.
But apart from his excellent career, he is also remembered because of his obsession with security. He worked to improve the security in the F1, and some security measures of your own cars were introduced by Stewart back in the 1970s. So please, fasten your seatbelts, Jackie would be proud.
Emerson Fittipaldi
Fittipaldi driving his Lotus
 -World Champion in: 1972 and 1974.
Emerson Fittipaldi was the first Brazilian driver who could win the F1 title. If you are a F1 expert, you have probably thought about Lotus after reading his name… but Fittipaldi is something more than the driver of the golden Lotus.
At first, he drove for Lotus between 1970 and 1973, where he won his first title in 1972 and reached the victory in 9 races.
After that, he went to McLaren, where he won again the title in 1974 and fought for it again in 1975. Finally he drove for his own team, Fittipaldi, until he got retired in 1980.
But the most interesting thing about him is that he still drives sometimes. For example, he drove for Ferrari in 2014 during the World Endurance Championship.
  Niki Lauda
Lauda driving his Ferrari
-World Champion in: 1975, 1977 and 1984
And I’m finishing with my favourite driver of the 1970s.
Niki Lauda started in March-Ford, and then he went to BRM. He couldn´t do anything because both teams were very humble. But in 1974 he was signed by Ferrari, and in that year the great duo began to work, winning in 1975 the title.
He almost died in 1976 after the GP of Germany, but he recovered from the accident and came back to win the championship, however James Hunt (from McLaren) was able to win some races and became winner in 1976.
In 1977 Lauda won again with a fantastic year. He got retired in 1979 because he was losing the time in Brabham for two years… but then, in 1982, he became driver of Mclaren, where he won his last championship in 1984 against Alain Prost.