Since I was little I have tried a lot of different sports but not all of them were good for me.

I remember when I was four or five years old I tried swimming, at first I liked it but as I grow older I only like swimming in summer.

Also I have tried a lot of team sports like tennis, which I don’t like to play but I like watching it on TV; baseball, which I like playing but I’m so bad at batting the ball; volleyball, which I love playing but after playing my hands arms hurt so much. And I have tried football too but I don’t like playing it and I don’t even like watching it on TV.

Now I’m doing yoga, I started doing yoga three years ago and I love it! I totally recommend it because it is relaxing at the same time you are doing exercise.

I think everybody should do some sport at least twice a week because it helps your health a lot.

I have already tried a lot of sports but sports are so important and I need to try more sports until I find the one for me.


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